west coast swing Competitions

Jack & Jill Competitions

Go West Swingfest will be holding Jack & Jill competitions to focus on spontaneity and the lead/follow skills required to dance with different partners. You will enter as individuals and be assigned partners at random. Go West Swingfest will select the music.

Competition Fee: $10.00 all divisions except Newcomer who pay no comp fee


Newcomers allows everyone to participate! A maximum of 12 months dancing West Coast Swing is required for this category. (Competition fee is included)

This category is for competitors who have been dancing West Coast Swing for over 12 months and has earned fewer than 16 Novice points with the WSDC. (Competition fee $10.00)

Provided the competitor does not qualify for a higher category, they may compete in Intermediate. They may compete if they have previously competed at the Intermediate level and hold Intermediate points, or if they have earned 16 or more Novice points. (Competition fee $10.00)

If the competitor holds Advanced or higher-level points, they may compete in this level. They may also compete in this category if they do not qualify for any other of our Jack & Jill categories. Advanced level points will be awarded.

Strictly Swing Competition

The Strictly Swing is a social dancing competition where the competing couples choose their own partner and enter as a couple. It is meant to be fun & to show off how well you can lead & follow.  Competition fee $10.00 per couple

Go West Swingfest Strictly Swing guidelines:

  • Slacks and or Dress pants are required when competing.
  • No choreography is allowed and the dance should be spontaneous lead and follow the style
  • No ‘costumes’ are allowed. Matching or complementary (classy) outfits are acceptable.
  • Drops, leans, circular movements & other partner weight support moves are allowed as long as both partners keep at least one foot on the floor. The competitors will not know the music they are dancing too and the music will be randomly selected by the Best of the Best Head DJ.


Couples should compete in Novice if both dancers have earned fewer than 16 Novice points and do not otherwise qualify for the Intermediate category.

Anybody with more than 16 Novice points or Intermediate and above points must compete in this division.


General competition information

Please be aware that neat and tidy dress standards are required at all times for competitions. Dress pants or slacks – No shorts or singlets.

Spotlight dances (one couple on the dance floor at a time) will be held for the Intermediate and Advanced/All-Star divisions only. All other finals will be ‘All Skates with a Jam’ (all finalists on the dance floor at once with a short Jam session included for finalists).

Medals will be awarded to the first 3 placings of each category.

To enter the Jack & Jill or Strictly Swing please pre-register online when you purchase your event pass.

Competition Entry Fees

Please note that the competition entry fees are not included in the Full Event Passes price with the exception of Newcomers Jack n Jill Competitions. If you haven’t purchased a full event pass then you will need to pay the nominated fee for the individual event.